Wednesday, 25 April 2012

New beginnings...

I thought I'd start an occasional blog to record the thoughts and (usually largely unsuccessful) exploits of an occasional angler who gets it wrong more often than not. 35 years of angling in different parts of the country doesn't seem to have improved things that much, but I'm not downhearted - I'll leave the tales of monsters to the experts.

To be honest, this is more of a selfish exercise than anything else - a way of recording my fishing activities - and if anyone is interested in the trials and tribulations of journeyman angler, then all to the good. No doubt this will look a bit rough and ready while I get the hang of blogging, so with no more ado - here goes….

 SO - it's the close season and I've always abided by the old rules; yes, yes, I know all about that debate but  - there's something wonderful about having a break from the rivers and the excitement of waiting for June 16th to come around again. New beginnings, the promise of better results next year, promises to self about learning new techniques, and the mystique of what might happen. Or not. And its a bit warmer too!

As I look outside, the rain is sheeting down (so much for the threats of drought) and the Warwickshire Avon which runs 60 yards from my front door is chocolate coloured and rising steadily. The bankside trees are starting to bud and from a distance theres' just a hint of lime green as the new growth begins to show. I can picture the hole just under my feet where the water scours round an old tree stump - I just know it's holding a bunch of chub, because they're there every year. Last year I managed a couple of nice fat ones by freelining slugs and bread flake - but I didn't get anywhere with the really big old rubber lips who lurked at the back of the fleet carefully picking up the free offerings his smaller mates had missed. Maybe this year?

In the meantime, I really need to sort out my kit. Half of it is falling to pieces and I discovered recently that my waterproofs had been turned into a winter residence by a family of mice and they now smell even worse and have holes in key strategic places.

Writing this has got my juices going. Maybe I can't wait until 16th June. Get that kit sorted and then I might just go to the local reservoir to check that everything is working properly...

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